New transformers 4


fter a long wait , finally a teaser or short segments of the movie Transformers : Age of Extinction ( Transformers 4 ) has been released in conjunction with a sporting event the Big Game . Also exhibited some exciting scenes with human characters and the appearance of new robots .

In addition to the appearance of actors and actresses such as Mark Wahlberg , Nicola Peltz , and Jack Reynor , there is a surprise for the fans to show some robotic dinosaurs are often called Dinobot in various animations .

Reporting from Ace Showbiz , the name of the character type T – Rex dinosaur that is in the video is Grimlock . Seen also a flying robot dinosaur yet unnamed .

Optimus Prime character also appears in the teaser . In fact , the Autobot leader was seen riding a T – Rex figure . In fact , it looks as if the robot dinosaur on a rampage . Served effect is also quite magnificent and exciting .

Director Michael Bay promises to show Transformers : Age of Extinction by more cinematic format , and will be a lot of fight scenes in the outer suburbs . Mark Wahlberg played as Cade Yeager , an inventor who managed to dig up inviting foreign Transformers Autobot presence of .

Transformers : Age of Extinction holding other stars like Nicola Peltz , Jack Reynor , Kelsey Grammer , Stanley Tucci , Sophia Myles , until Li Bingbing . This film will be aired on June 27, 2014



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